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all songs written and performed by local kindergartner with the exception of the keyboard part on My Life Got a Bad Rating On Rotten Tomatoes & I Still Have Bad Dreams About It, written by Anthony Mayo.

recorded with a camera in bathroom tubs.


released July 23, 2016



all rights reserved


local kindergartner California

childish creation to get things out of tati's system.

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Track Name: Monstrous Eyesore
altocumulus clouds accumulated
but not within the three months time i sat
tracing strange lines that
cut the sky into slivers
and every branch that quivers
sends shivers down my spine.

precipitation bleeds the ink and i can't see
what was there before is now only
a Monstrous Eyesore where i tried
to make a home.

and the wind burns my cheeks
and she can hardly even speak
huge beast, but so damn weak.
Track Name: Deprivation
count on your fingers the months that pass
until you find out which hand had the one
where you got over it.
stare out the window to burn out the images
of last night's reverie. i know it was real
but it still feels too fresh.

and it'd be nice if we were still friends.
thoughts of you spew out when my skull cracks open.
i love you but holding my breath, is making me feel

tell me how i have got it figured out i wanna laugh one more time.
i wanna hear that i am so put together when im so loosely woven
every stitch feels broken.
Track Name: My Life Got a Bad Rating On Rotten Tomatoes & I Still Have Bad Dreams About It
assembled in a packed movie theatre
speculate whether the end's getting near
i really need some sort of comedic relief.
so far it's a tragedy, maybe we should leave
(cuz) i can't sleep at night
it plays back in my mind.

it feels just like i'm being chased by a pack of angry wolves.
limpid to the human eye, tearing apart my insides and
when you find me mangled don't ask why i didn't fight
i promise that i tried to.

(it's ok, i like dogs anyway)

i'll sleep when i'm dead
for now, trapped in bed
when credits crawl by
i'll be just fine.
Track Name: Estuaries
twisted rivers turn to estuaries
forms the veins running through my body.

when the ocean extends and arm to reach my mouth
the salt and scum will taste just like when I was under your thumb
it'll filter out all the years of toxins and begin to grow.

The sun hurt your eyes, but I was meek and you saw through.
Take advantage, prove to me it's all my fault
I take the blame even though you

Cut my heart with a silver tongue,
and turn and smile for everyone
Say I was heartless from the start,
and eat the pieces when you're done.
The brine is sticking to my lungs
I'm taking back what was mine
now that you're gone.
Track Name: In 26 Years
i'm going to take this space to explain that the sample probably sounds random, but this song is for my cousin, and we constantly referenced this part, and it's even the last thing I remember quoting to him. he passed away in february, and this is for him so it seemed fitting.